Since 2002 Managing Director Stefan Kunkel succeeeds in national and international projects within his interim Service and Consultancy.


Mainly he gains confidence in the fields of International Reporting, International Rendering Of Accounts, Monthly & Annual Accounts also as Interim-Management and Value Management for building up and maintaining companys profitabillty. Beyond the Consultancy he is significantly involved by advising companies from abroad in investing in the German Market.


Stefans career based on a 30 year experience in Accounting and Controlling according to his previous education. Thereby he was early assigned to leading responsibility within the Finance and Accounting as a CFO.


Constantly continuing education keeps him and his team in touch with market changes and new business challenges.


The solid realization of projects in time and maintaining customer satisfaction are top priority in his work.


To ensure this any time his team is completed by several skillful free lancers with professional competence.

Feel free to use below contact for individual support.

Accounting & Finance Services


Interims Management - Controlling & Reporting - International Accounting - Consolidation

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